Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sunday Service - November 29th 2009

Connecting With the Muslim World
Huseyin Hurmali

Huseyin Hurmali is a leader in building bridges toward peace and international understanding between the west and the Muslim world. He is a part of the Gullen movement in Turkey that is based on values UU’s would love: aspirations for interfaith respect and dialogue, and international collaboration based on love, unity, service and the dignity of every person. These progressive Muslims offer a refreshing perspective on the Muslim faith and a series of impressive efforts to serve humanity with fellowship.

Huseyin has led many study tours to Turkey which have developed personal connections and friendships between westerners and Muslims. With the spirit of thanksgiving in this holiday season, it is time to us to reach out to strengthen mutual understanding and collaboration. Huseyin will provide us with perspective, values, and possible strategies for the work we must engage in as UU’s.

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