Monday, November 16, 2009


A new, colorful birthday poster has been put up in the Narthex. Please check it out and pick a child whose birthday is coming up in November, December or January. These gifts are a very important part of our commitment to the children helped by us through the Alliance for the Care of Abused Children. Remember also to put your gifts in a gift bag and include a cake mix, frosting, candles, and “Happy Birthday” napkins are a nice addition. We add a card that tells the children that “Your friends at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Studio City wish you a happy birthday.” Please give the gifts to Donna Mae Pitluck, or anyone on the Social Action Committee: Theresa Journeau-Collins, Christine Levine, Lee Lipinski, or Gil Shorr.

Thanksgiving is also just around the corner. We would like to have our baskets ready the week before Thanksgiving. We appreciate your generosity and feel like we are constantly begging for money and stuff. Try to remember how important our show of concern and love is to these children who have only known foster care most of their lives.

Which brings me to Christmas…We will be displaying our traditional tree with names in the narthex the week before Thanksgiving. There will be FIFTY! names this year because we are adding Shauna Blakely’s caseload to Karla Vasquez’s. We would like to be able to get the gifts to Karla and Shauna at least one week before Christmas. So please pick a paper ornament with a child’s name on it, sign your name, and purchase a gift for that child. Please bring the gift unwrapped in a holiday bag. This is always fun and makes the season brighter for all of us.

Thank you for all you do.
Social Action Committee

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